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Annual reports that most unions file with the U.S. Department of Labor can be viewed by clicking on the link for more information once you complete your search below.  Some non-federal public employee unions will be unavailable because they are not required to file.

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Can't find a union?   Keep reading.
  • If your national union merged with another over the past few years, you may have to search under the name of the new union. For example, IUE, TNG, NABET and ITU locals are now CWA locals. If you still can't find your local by searching by Local Union Number, try searching by Zip Code.
  • If your local has a letter in its designation -- for example, IWW Local 145-T or ABC Local 99-B -- you may have to search for it by Zip Code. The T or B indicates your local at one point went through a merger and, in the Labor Department system, there's a different designation altogether for your union.