Who Sat Down?

This Week's Quiz: On November 13, 28 Walmart employees in Baldwin Hills, Los Angeles, staged a sit-down strike to 2014.11.24quiz-walmart.strikeprotest the company’s retaliation against co-workers who had spoken out for a $15 wage and stable, full-time hours. It wasn’t the first such action against a huge, worker-unfriendly employer. In 1937 a week-long sit-down strike in Detroit ended in victory for the employees of: Woolworth’s; Sears; Kresge’s; J.C. Penney’s. Click here and you could be next week's winner of a labor-themed prize!

Previous Quiz: Fed-up workers at an Amazon warehouse in Arizona are asking the Supreme Court of the United States to rule on a suit they brought against the company: They're demanding they be paid for the time they’re forced to stand in line to leave the warehouse after they’ve already clocked out. The reason they have to stand in line? Answer: They’re waiting to be searched for shoplifted items. Congrats to Bess Watts of AFSCME/CSEA Local 828, Rochester, NY, this week's quiz winner!