Like Father, Like Son?

2016.03.28 humor muleA rich man had a piece of land on which a poor mule was grazing.
     "I shall harness you," he said to the mule, "and make you plow this land to grow melons on, of which I am very fond, while the stalks will supply you with food."
     To which the mule replied, "If I consent to toil on your melons, I shall be worse off than I am now, inasmuch as I shall have to eat dry stalks instead of the fresh green grass. I'll not do it, sir."
     "How unreasonable you are," remonstrated the landowner. "Your father never had anything but thistles, and yet he worked sixteen hours a day without grumbling."
     "Yes, that is true," retorted the mule. "But then, you must know, my father was an ass."

—From Workplace Jokes: Only SOME of Them Will Get You Fired!