Last Wish

Corinne had worked for Robert for thirty-five years.  She had never received more than minimum wage and never had a paid day off in all her working years.  She had aged in the job in more ways than one.  2014.08.25humor-last.wish
    The day came when she lay dying in the hospital.  Robert came to pay his respects.  As he leaned over her pale face she whispered to him, “I have one request of you, Robert.  Please satisfy this last wish of mine.”  He replied, “I will if I am able, Corinne.  What is it?”  
    “Hire Brittany to fill my position.”  
    Robert thought a minute and then said, “OK, but I thought you hated Brittany?”  
    With her last breath Corinne replied, “I do.”

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