Labor quiz for the week of October 20, 2014

A Taste of Justice

This Week's Quiz: A pro-union worker in a Detroit-area Burger King was sent home for the day for which of the following: Putting 2014.10.20quiz-bk.crowncatsup on a burger before putting the mustard on; talking back to the franchise owner; failing to place pickles on a burger in a perfect square; spelling out “Union Yes” on a burger in lettuce strips; all of the above.  Click here and you could be next week's winner of a labor music CD!

Previous Quiz: On September 16, workers at US Airways and American Airlines, which recently merged, voted on whether or not to unionize.  With 86% voting in favor, this became the largest union-representation vote in the US this year.  How many workers were covered as a result of this vote? 9,000; 12,500; 14,500; 25,300.  Answer: 14,500.  Congrats to Carolyn Williams of IBEW International Union, Washington, DC, this week's quiz (and labor music CD) winner!