Labor quiz for the week of September 1, 2014

Working on the Railroad2014.09.01quiz-bnsf.train

This Week's Quiz: Members of the Sheet Metal, Rail, Air Transportation (SMART) union are voting on a new contract with Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway that would reduce the total crew on BNSF freight trains from...?  Five crew to three; Two crew to one; Four crew to three; Three crew to two; Totally eliminating crews on newly-automated trains.  Click here and you could be next week's winner of a labor music CD!

Previous Quiz: Roughly 1.3 million workers in Europe are employed by worker co-operatives—businesses owned and managed by their employees.  How many U.S. employees are in worker co-ops?  900,000; 280,000; 127,000; 35,000; None.  Answer: 35,000.  Congrats to Ralph J. Lyke of UAW Local 624, Minoa, NY, this week's quiz (and labor music CD) winner!