Union Steward Training

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Master the fundamentals of being a union steward

Learn the crucial fundamentals of being a union steward—quickly and easily—with the eight-part PC CD training course from UCS. Experienced union stewards will find the course a great way to brush up on key skills as well. Interactive Scenario Simulators and Skills Checks put you in real-life situations to solve real-life problems. The course covers all the basics, from explaining what a union is and how it works to greeting new members, building mobilization skills, investigating grievances and detailing the importance of the Duty of Fair Representation.

  • You can review or repeat any portion of the course at any time.
  • An audio Mentor offers cues and advice.
  • At the end of the course you can print out a Certificate of Completion, with your name and date, to document your achievement.

How to order

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What people are saying

"Entertaining, informative and interactive...a 'must have' for new stewards."
- Ginny duRivage, Director, AFGE Education and Leadership Development Department.

"A powerful vehicle... Very impressive, a great resource."
- Mary G. Hardiman, former Director of Education, International Brotherhood of Teamsters

"A wonderful way to quickly arm new stewards with vital knowledge and skills ... everything they need to make them strong and effective advocates."
Bill Barry, Director of Labor Studies, Community College of Baltimore County, Md.