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steward-updateSteward Update newsletter, published six times a year, upgrades union stewards' skills and rewards them for their efforts on behalf of the union.  Every issue is packed with new, helpful information and advice.

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catalogOur 100 percent union bookstore offers the largest, most varied and helpful selection of hand-picked books ever created for union leaders, activists and rank-and-file members. Many of our 150-plus titles can’t be found anywhere else.

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stew-trainingLearn the crucial fundamentals of being a union steward—quickly and easily—with the eight-part training course from UCS. Experienced stewards will find the course a great way to brush up on key skills as well. Interactive Scenario Simulators and Skills Checks put you in real-life situations to solve real-life problems. The course covers all the basics.

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This Week's Labor Video

Bricklayers Minus OSHA = Scary

Take a cheap contractor, stir in a lack of health and safety rules enforcement, and this is what South African laborers have to do to get the mortar to the bricklayers.

This Week's Member Tip

Union Stewards—First to be Asked

Your steward is your first point of contact when you have a question about whether your workplace rights have been violated 2014.10.27membertip-shop.stewardor when you have an idea about some union action that might improve conditions in your workplace.  It is a steward’s responsibility to do what it takes to find out, if necessary, what action may be appropriate to challenge an employer initiative and to safeguard employees’ rights.

Adapted from The Union Member's Complete Guide, by Michael Mauer

Bookstore Featured Products

  • stewbook-updated-new  Union Steward’s Complete Guide, 2nd Edition, UpdatedMore infoThis book quickly became the bible for tens of thousands of stewards across North America.

  • Steward’s Pocket Reference & DiaryMore infoThis handy is packed with vital information to every steward.

  • Welcome to the UnionMore infoWelcome new employee to the job with this easy-to-read introduction to unionism.

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